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Plan Calculators

We offer several calculators to help you use your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA).

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Calculator

FSA Calculator
FSA Calculator Use the FSA Calculator to see how participating in your employer's FSA can help you pay less tax, and increase your net take home pay.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Calculators

HSA Calculator
HSA Contribution Calculator The HSA Contribution Calculator determines the amount you are allowed to deposit into an HSA account for the current tax year.
HSA Business Calculator The HSA Business Calculator helps estimate the value of creating a high-deductible health plan and an HSA for your employees.
HSA Goal Calculator Are you looking at the HSA as a retirement account? The HSA Goal Calculator will help you determine how to reach your goal.
HSA Savings Calculator Use the HSA Savings Calculator to help you determine how much your HSA will be worth over time.