Dental Insurance Glossary

Pertaining to the root.
Process of refitting a denture by replacing the base material.
Limited, problem-focused (Established patient; not post-operative visit). This includes assessing the status of a previously existing condition. Examples of conditions requiring this type of evaluation may include: A traumatic injury where no treatment was rendered but the patient needs follow-up monitoring; Evaluation for undiagnosed continuing pain: A soft tissue lesion requiring follow-up evaluation.
Regional Block Anesthesia
A term used for local anesthesia. See Local Anesthesia.
Reimplantation, Tooth
The return of a tooth to its alveolus.
Process of resurfacing the tissue side of a denture with new base material.
Remark Code
The code refers to a specific narrative used for informational purposes, or to explain why a charge or portion of a charge was not allowed.
Removable Partial Denture
A removable partial denture (removable bridge) is a prosthetic replacement of one or more missing teeth that can be removed by the patient.
Removable Prosthesis
Dental prosthesis designed to be removed and reinserted by the patient.
Residual Root
Remaining root structure following the loss of the major portion (over 75%) of the crown.
Resin-based Composite
A dental restorative material made up of disparate or separate parts (e.g., resin and quartz particles).
Retrograde Filling
A method of sealing the root canal by preparing and filling it from the root apex.
The anatomic portion of the tooth that is covered by cementum and is located in the alveolus (socket) where it is attached by the periodontal apparatus; radicular portion of tooth.
Root Canal
The portion of the pulp cavity inside the root of a tooth; the chamber within the root of the tooth that contains the pulp.
Root Canal Therapy
The treatment of disease and injuries of the pulp and associated periradicular conditions.
Root Planing
A procedure designed to remove microbial flora, bacterial toxins, calculus, and diseased cementum or dentin on the root surfaces and in the pocket.