BlueDental Basic

As a low-cost, routine care-only option, BlueDental Basic offers access to one of the largest national networks available. No referrals or claim forms are needed when visiting a participating provider.

Plan Flexibility & Options*

Sample Costs
Plan Feature BlueDental Basic
(Combined In-network/Out-of-network)
In-network: $25/$75 Out-of-network: $50/$150
Does not apply to Preventive and Diagnostic Services
Annual maximum $1,000
Does not apply to Preventive & Diagnostic Services
Orthodontia No benefit
Orthodontia lifetime maximum No benefit
Out-of-network reimbursement PPO fee schedule
Funding Employer-sponsored
In-network coinsurances 100/80
Out-of-network coinsurances 80/60

* Employers with 200 employees or more can consult with our dental experts to customize a plan that fits their benefit need.